Think the Polish Triangle needs improvement?  Here is what it looked like 60 years ago.

The past...

We have two local authors, who have published books about the area:

Victoria Granacki's "Chicago's Polish Downtown" ©2004. Chicago's Polish Downtown

Elaine A Coorens' "Wicker Park: from 1673 thru 1929 and Walking tour guide" ©2003

Other print articles about the Polish Triangle:

Full Nelson - Chicago Reader, Nov 19, 1998

Wicker Park's Dirty Doorstep - Chicago Reader, Oct 18, 2007

Pigeon Relocation, Fake Eggs - Aug 15, 2013

Change of place - Chicago Sun Times, Oct 30, 2013

Polish Triangle Official -, Dec. 5, 2013

The present...

Tatra Mountain Cultural Foundation presents Polish dance, music and culture - Our Urban Times, September 16, 2013


Blah, Blah, Blob at the Polish Triangle - Our Urban Times, Sept 10, 2013

Our Urban Times on the "L" car food kiosk

ABC 7 News item "In Your Neighborhood" appeared September 9, 2012:

Nelson Algren Fountain

The Future...

Possible changes coming to the Polish Triangle:

information and historical kiosks

a Mosaic ring around the fountain to replace the mud ring

a blooming fountain to replace the water until funds can be found to repair the broken tiles in the fountain

a permanent food vendor on the triangle

bicycle rental coming spring 2013 - this is now located at CVS south side of building

pigeon abatement program

Decorative cover protecting the CTA stairwell








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